Lilo’s Bath

My mom has some difficulties standing for long periods of time, so, when it’s time to give Lilo his bath, she brings a chair in front of the sink and goes to work…

While taking these photos I felt guilty; I felt like those wildlife photographers that witness nature’s cruelty and don’t intervene to save an animal life….

Poor Lilo… look at his desperate look.

But, in the end, the result is worthwhile.

Camera Critters


Today I am grateful for Lilo

8 thoughts on “Lilo’s Bath

  1. Its the coat shaking bit afterwards that would get me if we had a dog – or doesn’t he do that. It does look like it was all worth it tho’

    • haha Cathy, that’s the fun part for me, as long as you raise a towel in front of the dog 🙂

  2. Aww, poor Lilo — bath time is not fun I know. Our dog Lady hates bath time too and she’s half Brittany Spaniel — they’re supposed to like water! She does not 🙂

    Visiting via Camera Critters

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