Getting An Education.

I attended elementary school a long time ago. In my hometown in Italy.

Back then girls had to wear a white smock and boys a black one.

I am the one with braids in this photo [first grade class].

Amazingly I actually remember all the first and last names of my elementary school mates. Maybe it’s because all of us stayed in the same class and with the same teacher for five years. For example: the girl at the very bottom right of the photo below, joined our class in 2nd grade from Montevideo, Uruguay. See? How do I do that?

See the bows at the collar? it was red for girls and blue for boys.

See our teacher squatting down at the very back of the photo below.

I am the girl in the center of the second row from the back. No more braids.

In the photo below we were rehearsing for a school play.

I am “the head” visible in the center top of the photo below.

Good times! *sigh*

Photo Hunt = education

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