Things On My Desk

A while back I posted  photos of items on my desk. I recently added a few; here is one. It’s a lampshade completely covered with pink flowers. I like the light it diffuses.

Here is a shot taken with the flash to show the actual color.

The other “thing” is Trigger, who often wants to go to sleep on my desk while I am at the computer.

Oh, and there’s also the pink keyboard skin.

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Pink Saturday



Today I am grateful for eating out on Fridays.

5 thoughts on “Things On My Desk

  1. Happy PS Marina. LOVE the lamp. I see you also adore fur babies. My life’s passion. I rescue senior dogs and cats.
    I also read that you like snow… I can send you some anytime. Lots here in Ontario Canada.
    Nice to meet you.
    Love Claudie

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