The Tree Year 2


Caesar, the cat;

Nadir, the red cedar tree.

See Caesar the cat rushing under the umbrella of Nadir’s branches to take cover from the heat.

It is nice to stand under Nadir: the branches are low almost to the ground, holding the fresh piney smell within the natural canopy while providing relief from the sun rays.

I looked up its “skirt” and took this photos: many, many branches there. Some branches not exposed to the sun have no needles anymore and break easily if you bend them.

The trunk is thick. If I hug it, I can only reach 3/4 of the way around it. Its bark is  filamentous: if you pull a small piece you can notice thin fibers lines.

And here are two more shots of majestic Nadir from far away.

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3 thoughts on “The Tree Year 2

  1. I love that you’ve named your tree, and that you measure it by the size of the hug you give it. There’s a giant maple at the edge of our woods that has a presence and personality like that.

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