Celebrate Mother’s Day: checked!

A very tranquil and relaxing day. Just like I like them!

A couple of phone calls to mom and family; a few text messages…and the rest of the day at home doing what I like.

Of course the highlight was Stephanie’s gift that I received in the mail few days ago, but I kept sealed until this morning, as instructed by my daughter.

First I opened the card [pink!].

Great card, uh? Are you jealous? 🙂

Then I found these little things:

See those little canvases? They measure 2″ x 2″!

Stephanie really knows what I like….

Look at this little pen shaped like a wiener dog, it also has a tiny bell hanging from his collar that jingles as you write.

Those little pink piggies are sticky bookmarks. Co-o-o-ol!

Three beautiful little cahier notebooks; how much do I like notebooks???? eh? eh?

Here is a super  original USB flash-drive by Tokidoki, and, below, it’s the backside

My next one will be the Harlequin one!

Thank you Stephanie!!!

I love you!

Today I am grateful for another Mother’s Day celebration.

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