Thomas Jefferson’s Special Note Taking Gadget

I have a passion for notebook and stationary in general. This passion takes me sometimes to visit blogs covering reviews of this type of items.

I recently came across this article on famous men’s pocket notebooks.

My favorite part was the description of Thomas Jefferson’s notebook made up of ivory leaves on which he took notes with pencil [notes about the weather, plants, geography, etc]; at the end of the day Jefferson transfered the notes on “paper” notebooks. He would then erase the ivory plates to make them ready for the following day.

I absolutely love this “notebook”!

Thomas Jefferson ivory leaves via "The Art Of Manliness"

While I am drooling over that, let me show you my latest Moleskine notebook addition:

I found it at Target.

Pictured below are two mechanical pencils with fat 5mm leads. I bought the orange in Florence, Italy. The blue one is by Levenger and has yellow drylighter leads.

4 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson’s Special Note Taking Gadget

  1. How old is your Levenger drylighter? I have the discontinued three-pack of yellow, hot pink and hot green holders plus refills, which goes back to 2003. The barrels on mine are half matching color, the other half of each barrel is grippy black. Most important, the click-end of mine screws on & off to reveal the sharpener. The current Levenger model is all yellow but the top simply pulls off, which is not secure. I love mine! I am surprised to see your dark blue drylighter. Levenger is always changing its offerings and I have learned to grab something I like before it is, sadly, discontinued. That’s when I turn to eBay.

  2. Claire, I am so thankful you left this comment as I was not aware of the sharpener in the “click-end”: super cool! I went and unscrewed it and…voila`…a sharpener! I did not know. 🙂
    I don’t think the description stated anything about the sharpener or I would remember.

    I have had this for maybe four or five years? And it came with a zippered case and, like yours, with pink, green and yellow lead, plus the regular graphite leads. I do love the chubbiness of it.

  3. A zippered METAL case! Levenger packinging is the best. The current Levenger catalog mentions the built-in sharpener. I never heard of Levenger four or five years ago. Thank you for mentioning that yours unscrews at the click-end. I appreciate the fact that this writing instrument has NO CLIP. Clips are a weak point and do not survive my purse–a guy thing, not a chick thing. I did not buy the all-yellow model because the click-end does not screw-on (I actually called the company and asked). I found a used Levenger Drylighter set, so much better than a messy wet highlighter. Happy that I helped you.

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