See The Key Of The Car….

I was sitting in front of my computer enjoying my day off from work, while my husband was asleep after working all night.

All of a sudden the alarm of his car went off. Never happened before!!!!

I ran to the window to see if someone was near the car and then I called Joe. He stumbled around like a zombie looking for the car key that he usually throw on the steps near the entrance, but it was not there. Now we are all looking: Joe and I, and even the dogs had gathered around for this new exciting “event” wagging their tails and all.

And then Joe asked me “where was Trigger before the alarm went off?”, I ran to one of his beds and there it was: the car key!!! He had just began to chew on it and triggered [<—- pun intended] the alarm.

Yes, you, bad dog!

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