Immigrant Song

Do you ever feel like blasting your music?
When I do, this is one of the song I like to play [along with many other Led Zeppelin pieces].

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4 thoughts on “Immigrant Song

  1. Oh yeah, I wanna tune up the volume sometimes especially when I’m home alone. I usually have to get my son to turn his down. lol. He always says, “If it’s too loud, then you’re too old.” =D Thanks for linking up on MMMM!

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven’t heard this in so long, and ya know the good thing Cathy? I can turn my music up hehehe all my kiddles are grown and dealing with their own kids. They bring them over here and I get to spoil them rotton and send them home. LOL Love your choice girlfriend I’m moving to the grovin and oooooooooo with the ooooooooooooo in. Have a great day!

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