A Visit To The Groomer

Time for Loki and Trigger to have their nails trimmed. I took them to Four on The Floor, as usual. Walking into the shop is always an adventure: all the doggies waiting to be groomed bark their hellos and they are so loud that humans can barely speak to each other, while cats walk all over the counter and in front of the visiting dogs, probably to show off that they own the place.

I have talked about this place before, one time here about the cool wall hangings, then here where I showed baby triplet squirrels that Theresa had rescued, and finally here showing pictures of Arthur the cat in a Santa suit.

This time I took a picture of Li’l Kim sprawling at the top of this cat tower.


But here is the treat: a little tiny kitten than his mom stopped feeding. How adorable!



So Theresa is feeding him with a bottle. Theresa you are an angel!

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