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If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so? Yes, I would.

Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change? While answering this question in my mind I realized that the most challenging experiences are those that provoke changes and growth [at least, to me]. I concluded that the 3 year period in question is the one from 2008 to 2011. Starting in January of 2008 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went through surgery and radiations and I seem to do well now, while keeping up with regular checkups. This experience gave me a different look on life and what you give importance to. I actually enjoy so many things and laugh a lot. Then in July 2011 I lost my brother to prostate cancer complications. No need to explain how the death of a dear one may affect you emotionally. I still laugh a lot, though. I think my brother is happy about that.

I drew this to celebrate my last radiation treatment in 2008

If you could change one thing about your home, what would you like to change? My living room floor: I want ceramic tiles!!!!


If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it? Stella Marina, which is Italian for starfish.



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2 thoughts on “Share Your World 21

  1. I can so relate to your experience with breast cancer, and I agree – it does change your perspective on life. I feel joy at so many more things now, little things.

  2. I’m sure your life was changed drastically by having breast cancer. Glad you are doing well now. I’m sure your brother loves it when you laugh!!
    I so adore your yacht name!

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