Snappy, Snappy

Why did the turtle try to cross the street? Who knows…

All I know is that when I saw him in the middle of the street, I thought he was in danger there. So I decided to help him go back to the grassy area.

I was having my morning walk with my dogs when I had this encounter, and it suddenly became clear that guiding the turtle was not an easy task to do with a curious chihuahua and a shy dingo on leash and the fact that this was a… snapping turtle, 15″ long.

I tried to nudge it from the back; I’m sure he was terrified by me and the dogs, so he constantly jumped to snap: it was kind of cute, in a way, when he jumped. And he was determined to cross that street, but there were houses and fences where he was directed, so I became really “pushy”, until I finally nudged him all the way to the grass. I then took the photo and continued on with my walk.

Hopefully the turtle went back to his home.

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