8 thoughts on “Share Your World 30

  1. Hello Marina~ Seems like its been ahile since I visited your blog and your SYW post. I love how honest you are, and the images you choose make reading your answers even more interesting. I especially like theimage of the descending halls/rooms. Very cool.

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  3. I like your clear answers. Party!!! No. Any university!!! No. Even public building- art galleries, museums, overnight and presumably with the cafes locked up, so a bit of discomfort- No. Group enthusiasm is infectious. Congratulations on thinking for yourself. I find it more difficult than I would like. And then I see- 28 posts on Loki-

    • hahaha that’s funny, the way you put it :-). Coincidently those questions revolved around subjects in which I’m no longer interested. I really partied a lot in my times, I mean, a lot! Now I love being in my pajama at home [plus I work with the public and the more time goes by, the more my belief that people are crazy is reinforced]. The prestige of a university doesn’t appeal to me, it’s just study time, done enough at Bocconi university in Milan. And even though I love museum, churches, etc, I do not like them if I am the only one in there. More than thinking of myself, I think it’s excluding myself from some situations, because, like you wrote, there are 28 posts on Loki and who knows how many on Trigger and Caesar. Thanks for your comment, it made me laugh….

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