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Share Your World 21

Share Your World 21

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so? Yes, I would. Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change? While answering this question in my mind I realized that the most challenging experiences … Continue reading

The Wind Cries Mary

I used to have a super crush on Jimi Hendrix when I was a teen ager. I even named my female dog Jimi after him. Here is one of his songs: After all the jacks are in their boxes And the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the … Continue reading

My Weirdest Pet Peeve

Weathermen!!! They act as they were God, “giving” us nice weather for the weekend with their puffed up attitude, or believing we can’t be without them if major weather events come up: a newsman could easily inform us of those with no problem. And they interrupt my favorite shows to tell me what I can … Continue reading


It’s true: we really appreciate things more when, for some reason, we no longer have them. Of course, like many of us, I experienced this several times in my life, and on many different levels. For example, when I moved to the USA from Italy, I found myself without a whole lot of things I was used … Continue reading

98 Things Meme

I thought that I would try this meme and maybe discover some things I didn’t know/remember about myself. Things you’ve already done: boldThings you want to do: italiciseThings you haven’t done and don’t want to: leave in plain font Started your own blogSlept under the starsPlayed in a band Visited HawaiiWatched a meteor shower Given … Continue reading

Identical Identity

My friend Valerie posted a question on her blog today asking “if we could pick an identity other than ours, what would it be?”I immediately thought it was a cool question, but when I sat there thinking of an answer I really could not think of anyONE I would want to be. I responded that … Continue reading

Marina…you are courageous!

I just joined the group named “Be Proud of Who You Are” where you are challenged every week [or how often you wish] to post a compliment to yourself. The title of this post is my first compliment to myself. It was first pointed out to me by friends and then I began telling myself … Continue reading

Super Powers

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I also believe, like the apostle Paul says, that all things work together for good [Romans 8:28]. Obviously, when negative or hurtful things happen, it takes a little bit of time before I can stop and try to find what message I am getting … Continue reading

Marina is over me too!

“Marina is over me too!” This sentence was copied from a Myspace comment that a friend(?) of mine sent to a friend of hers. I’ll call them friend1 and friend2, respectively.The ironic part is that she, friend1, is the one that announced to me with an email that I was paranoid and therefore [I’m assuming] … Continue reading

I Heart Runts

I recently traveled to Italy with my daughter to visit my mother. Shopping was our favorite pastime, there.On one of our shopping trips, I came across a cute little doggie purse that I thought would be perfect as a gift for a little girl I know. After choosing the dog breed, I proceeded to pick … Continue reading

100 Facts About Me

1. I absolutely love animals.2. I really like my name. Marina means “woman of the sea” in Italian.3. My zodiac sign is Cancer.4. I am extremely proud of my daughter. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.5. My hair is naturally curly. I never blow dry it.6. I was born in Italy.7. … Continue reading