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Best Mother’s Day Gift?

Best Mother’s Day Gift?

Today my daughter gave me the best mother’s day gift ever! It is not an expensive gift, but it has sooooo much value to  me…. [click photo to view] It is obviously precious to me because it expresses her love for me. But I also appreciate all the thoughts and time put into it. And humor, too…. … Continue reading

The Wind Cries Mary

I used to have a super crush on Jimi Hendrix when I was a teen ager. I even named my female dog Jimi after him. Here is one of his songs: After all the jacks are in their boxes And the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the … Continue reading

What’s My Favorite Summer Memory?

Definitely a summer vacation spent in Palau, Sardinia, in Italy. Definitely.That summer I met my husband. But this is not the only reason that made that summer memory my favorite one…I really felt free and happy that year. I think it was the happiest I’ve ever been. I even remember being conflicted about going or … Continue reading

Easter Memories

The Easter bunny was not part of my Easter family celebration when I was little. I grew up in Italy.  Easter in Italian is “Pasqua”, and it is the second most important religious holiday after Christmas. Of course, because Italy is such an overwhelmingly Catholic country, the holiday is all about the remembrance of the passion of Christ. … Continue reading

4 Wheeled Marina

I learned how to drive in Italy and it was not until I was almost 20 years old. I was not very interested in learning how to drive automobiles, as I enjoyed my scooter too much!I dedicated a whole post [Wheeled Marina] to my history on less-than-4 wheels. In Italy automatic transmission cars were not … Continue reading

Ode To Oreo

Good bye, little Oreo 1996 – 2009 (12-7-09) Visit Mosaic Monday to view more photo mosaics. Today I am grateful for having shared 13 years of my life with Oreo.

And Happy Birthday To Me, Too

So here I am bragging about it.. I had a great day.  I really felt I was celebrated throughout the day, and I am not saying that because of the gifts I was given; it’s just that the gifts are what I can show in pictures… So here it goes: The flowers  Stephanie sent to me: so … Continue reading

Arriva La Befana!

Befana is coming! Today, January 6th, is an observed holiday in Italy, celebrating the day the 3 Magi visited baby Jesus. It is also the last day of the Christmas holidays: tomorrow all kids will be back in school after the long break that began before Christmas! January 6th is also called the day of … Continue reading


I found a box of Finnish Sweet Licorice at TJMaxx and I had to try it.It is so good that I had to dedicate a post to it. I have been a fan of black licorice since I was little. Like every kids in Italy, i used to spend all my Sunday afternoons at the … Continue reading

Stop and Smell. Period.

When I was 13 or 14 years old, my dad gave me a bottle of Miss Dior by Christian Dior perfume as a gift.I liked everything about that gift: the box, the fact I had to struggle to tear the cellophane wrapping, the shape of the bottle, the black and white checkered label, the scent, … Continue reading

Wheeled Marina

A History of Marina on Less-than-4 Wheels I remember a red tricycle with white handles: it was metal and had stickers on the handle representing various dashboard buttons; I constantly pushed them, not sure what I was hoping for…. My first bike was small, of course, and not very attractive. But I regularly washed it … Continue reading