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La Isla Bonita

“My” Isla Bonita is Sardinia. Sweet memories always come to mind when I think of times spent there. *sigh* good times!. Musical Monday Monday Music 4M’s   Today I am grateful for a relaxing day

What’s My Favorite Summer Memory?

Definitely a summer vacation spent in Palau, Sardinia, in Italy. Definitely.That summer I met my husband. But this is not the only reason that made that summer memory my favorite one…I really felt free and happy that year. I think it was the happiest I’ve ever been. I even remember being conflicted about going or … Continue reading

Pink Link 7

Since this week has been all about my daughter, I might as well continue on the theme and contribute to Pink Saturday with this photo of Stephanie when she was about 4 years old. We were spending our vacation in Sardinia, Italy. Stephanie, who obviously loved pink, decided to accessorize her pink polka-dot bathing suit … Continue reading

Marina…you are courageous!

I just joined the group named “Be Proud of Who You Are” where you are challenged every week [or how often you wish] to post a compliment to yourself. The title of this post is my first compliment to myself. It was first pointed out to me by friends and then I began telling myself … Continue reading