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Share Your World 33

Share Your World 33

What type of pets do you have or want? I have two dogs: Trigger the chihuahua and Loki the coyote. There is also the cat Caesar, he rules the house. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? I love taking pictures, I hate being photographed, always did. I have very few photos of … Continue reading

Share Your World 26

Share Your World 26

What made you smile today? Have any hidden talents? I have a strong olfaction, I can smell things when others seem not to be able to. I also know Latin, which helps me a lot when I cannot recognize a new word, if its origin is from Latin, I can manage to figure out its … Continue reading

Good Night

My cat Caesar is the epitome of relaxation. What better title to represent Caesar’s images? Now it’s time to say good night Good night Sleep tight Now the sun turns out his light Good night Sleep tightDream sweet dreams for me Dream sweet dreams for you. Close your eyes and I’ll close mine Good night … Continue reading

Mini Movie

To view as a movie, just scroll down really fast. Camera Critters Today I am grateful for laughing at Caesar and Trigger.

Fave Five

Thinking back over the past week and remembering 5 favorite things.  1. I spent some time working in my garden and Caesar helped me out a bit.  2. Took several pictures with my “big” camera.  3. I enjoy playing Farmville on the computer, and the latest addition is a baby horse.  4. I enjoy talking … Continue reading

Sleeping Caesar

Caesar is the epitome of relaxing. View more photo mosaics at Mosaic Monday Today I am grateful for the joy my pets give me.

Milk-box = Mailbox

Presenting… mailbox. After finding wet mail on rainy days because the mailbox was too small to contain mail and also have the lid shut, and after finding most of my packages on the ground, I decided to use an old milk box as mailbox. I painted turquoise and decorated it with drawings of Loki, Oreo, … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauties

Oreo sleeping in a posh chair. Here Oreo is determined to fit inside the kitty’s bed which is way too small for him. Caesar fell to sleep on the desk, right on top of my books and papers. Caesar always finds the oddest places to take a nap. Foxy Loki. uh? ??? I never get … Continue reading

Oh, Christmas Tree

Instead of hanging the usual Christmas tree ornaments that I have been collecting since a long time ago when I moved to the USA, four years ago I began using ornaments by a theme or color. It all started when I bought a white Christmas tree. That year, blue and lime green was my choice. … Continue reading

I’m not moving.

I think I live with two of the most stubborn pets around: Oreo and Caesar.They barely acknowledge each other’s presence most of the time, but here they are sleeping in the same bed.Someone may think “how sweet!”. No sweetness here: each one is trying to claim territory on the bed and for that, they tolerate … Continue reading

-Caesar and Loki

uh…? Time to play already? OK, these are the rules: I’ll bite you, you’ll bite me, got it? ohhh…that was fun. A little nap, now. -Where does it hitch? Here?-Yeah…feels so good! good night Caesar!good night Loki!good night John Boy! Visit Carrie’s friday’s foto finish fiesta for links to more interesting photos.

Caesar says:

“Time to stop staring at this computer. Stare at me instead.” He’s Caesar, the ruler.

Caesar [Favorite Foto on Friday 2]

***Usurping The Mouse Pad*** Caesar was a tiny kitty cat when he started usurping the mouse pad….Now he usurps every seat, bed, sofa, in the house.He practically owns the upstairs of the house.