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December 2014

December 2014

Trigger Stephanie and Charlie Trigger found a way out of the fence: I had to install wire chicken fence. Olive Garden with Frances. Loki at the vet for his eye… Just visualizing the lake.



Christmas dinner: < I am so lucky to have such a great husband and daughter. I enjoyed every single item they gave me. Here are the Pandora charms. And here are these great gifts! I especially love the mini printer for iPhone. I am so grateful.

Best Mother’s Day Gift?

Best Mother’s Day Gift?

Today my daughter gave me the best mother’s day gift ever! It is not an expensive gift, but it has sooooo much value to  me…. [click photo to view] It is obviously precious to me because it expresses her love for me. But I also appreciate all the thoughts and time put into it. And humor, too…. … Continue reading



P is for Prancing at Pixar. . . . linked to: ABC Wednesday Sign, Signs



Here are my parents on their honeymoon in Milan, Italy. Of course this statement sounds very fancy read here in the USA. In reality they lived 50km away from Milan, but considering those times and the type of event, it was obviously something very special to them. When looking at the first photo, my mom … Continue reading

Celebrate Mother’s Day: checked!

A very tranquil and relaxing day. Just like I like them! A couple of phone calls to mom and family; a few text messages…and the rest of the day at home doing what I like. Of course the highlight was Stephanie’s gift that I received in the mail few days ago, but I kept sealed … Continue reading

Lilo’s Bath

My mom has some difficulties standing for long periods of time, so, when it’s time to give Lilo his bath, she brings a chair in front of the sink and goes to work… While taking these photos I felt guilty; I felt like those wildlife photographers that witness nature’s cruelty and don’t intervene to save … Continue reading

Bridges On The Way To New Jersey

My daughter and I traveled to Pennington, near Princeton, to visit my brother and his family. Below see photos of bridges on the way there [Chesapeake Bay Bridge and one in Delaware], Puck the dog [my brother’s dog] and a couple of buildings in Princeton. . . . linked to: My World

Birthday Gift

I came home from work yesterday and immediately saw a bunch of birthday balloons attached to the pet carrier. The carrier door was covered by a blanket so I could not understand what was causing the squeaking sound.So I rushed to open it and there he was: the tiniest dog I have ever seen in … Continue reading

Ode To Oreo

Good bye, little Oreo 1996 – 2009 (12-7-09) Visit Mosaic Monday to view more photo mosaics. Today I am grateful for having shared 13 years of my life with Oreo.

Brotherly Love

My brother came to town to visit me for few days. It was nice spending time with him: we haven’t seen each other for few years. Talked over the phone, yes, but seeing each other… it really has been a while. One day we had lunch at the Ocean View Fishing Pier restaurant. I had … Continue reading

Buon Onomastico To Me

The celebration of onomastic has been a tradition in the Catholic and Orthodox countries since the Middle Ages.  Onomastico is the name-day event in which Catholics celebrates all persons whose name coincides with the one of the saint of the day in the religious calendar. Most calendars in Italy resemble the one pictured below; under the name of the … Continue reading

Back In California

Some geometry from the sky…. Above the clouds… weeeeeeeAlmost in L.A…and…touch down.Extremely tired from the trip [had to go to the airport at 4:30am after only one hour of sleep for the whole night], but I am finally in Los Angeles with Stephanie. How I love this place: weather, vegetation, buildings, rhythm of life… Today … Continue reading


When I was a little girl, my papa` used to call me “baloss” [with the accent on the “o”]. I loved that nickname! It always made me happy when he called me so. “Baloss” is not an Italian word, but a dialectal term. “Baloss” may be translated in English as “astute”, or “clever”, but these … Continue reading

Don’t Make It Snow

There is an old saying in Italy stating “Non far nevicare!” [Don’t make it snow!] used when someone does something out of the ordinary; the saying ironically emphasizes the rarity of the occasion. Well, today my husband and I went out to eat!!!!!!! see how many exclamation points? it’s because we have gotten a little … Continue reading

Elena’s Place

This my cousin Elena’s place. I took some pictures when I visited her because I really liked it. Double click a photo to view its larger version Here is the living room. I love that large painting! And the dining area is on the left of the sofa; cool clear chairs. More of the dining … Continue reading