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Lecco, Italy

This is a view of lake Como from my hometown.Lecco is in northern Italy, 45 minutes away from Switzerland [by car] and 45 minutes away from Milan. Today I am grateful for mountains and lakes.

Ode To Oreo

Good bye, little Oreo 1996 – 2009 (12-7-09) Visit Mosaic Monday to view more photo mosaics. Today I am grateful for having shared 13 years of my life with Oreo.

It’s Not a Fox…

…’s my sweet dog Loki!!! View more photos of animals at Friday Ark and Camera Critters. Today I am grateful for having Loki in my life.

Sleeping Caesar

Caesar is the epitome of relaxing. View more photo mosaics at Mosaic Monday Today I am grateful for the joy my pets give me.

Hot And Not So Hot Pink

My first attempt at making a photo mosaic. I gathered photos of my garden in the spring and summer. View more mosaics at Mosaic Monday Today I am grateful for colors.

Loki Got Himself A Pet

It’s true! I was awaken this morning by a very loud *CHIRP*. When I usually hear birds being very noisy I always run to the window to make sure that my cat Caesar is not out there bothering them. This time, the chirping was way too loud to be outdoor. I sat up and looked … Continue reading

From Head To Tail

I always have a hard time photographing Oreo: he usually turns the other way every time I point the camera at him, or when I call him encouraging to look at me. This time, I just lowered the camera in front of him without even looking if I had the right “shot”, and it worked! … Continue reading

A Tale Of Tall

It’s my third trip to California, and I cannot stop being amazed at the height of the palm trees… It’s just astonishing to me how they stand so straight: their “spine” must be really strong!! At times they even look funny, like those long-necked birds with a fluffy feather hairdo…       Now hurry over … Continue reading

Porch Adventure

Yesterday I went to see my friend Valerie.  I arrived on her porch and knocked at her door, but nobody answered. A neighbor told me that she was probably trying to have little Sophie take a nap. So I decided to hang around on her porch  for a little while. Of course I took my … Continue reading

A Stump Story

A few years ago, during hurricane Isabel, one of the trees in my garden fell. I had to have it cut for easy removal, but I decided to leave the stump there. Every year different plants grow and bloom on it throughout spring and summer. Some daffodils [that used to be planted at the base … Continue reading

Good News

Shown in the picture is just gibberish medical mumbo-jumbo to me, but my interpreter, the wonderful and warm Dr. Reed, translated to me into “your MRI result is ok! go home and frame this result”. What great news!   Now hurry over to Carrie’s blog for more friday foto finish fiesta . Today I am … Continue reading

Il Campanile

80% of the buildings in my hometown are more than 50 years old. After all, Lecco, Italy has been there since the Roman Empire. Little remains of its ancient past except for the Ponte Visconti, a bridge built in 1336, a tower from a former Visconti castle and a 17th century castle. But many other … Continue reading

Toy Wash Day

This is what happens when I wash Oreo’s toy. Today I am grateful for wash machines.

High Noon

I don’t think this photo is artistically appealing, but I wanted to post it because it is a photo of the sun. It’s the first time I could take a picture directly of the sun in the middle of the day. I was in the car at a red traffic light and when I looked … Continue reading

A Day At The Beach

The Round Robin challenge this week = Not Of This Season. I had a hard time finding a subject for this challenge. Surprisingly, even with so many warm days, I did not notice any out of the season “specimens”. But here is a photo of  a local beach taken on a warm winter day. I … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauties

Oreo sleeping in a posh chair. Here Oreo is determined to fit inside the kitty’s bed which is way too small for him. Caesar fell to sleep on the desk, right on top of my books and papers. Caesar always finds the oddest places to take a nap. Foxy Loki. uh? ??? I never get … Continue reading

Mamma e Nonni

I remember finding a bunch of negatives in my parents’ attic years ago; they looked so interesting that I decided to print them [I had a dark room, back then, even though I was developing photos very amateurishly]. The negatives were not well kept, they had scratches or acid marks, but I did not care, … Continue reading

Cemetery Beauty

This is the image of arches in the cemetery of my hometown in Italy. These “corridors” run on three sides of the perimeter of the cemetery. Looking at the photo above: the left side faces the cemetery ground, and on the right side, between each arch there is a family chapel. They often feature beautiful … Continue reading

-Caesar and Loki

uh…? Time to play already? OK, these are the rules: I’ll bite you, you’ll bite me, got it? ohhh…that was fun. A little nap, now. -Where does it hitch? Here?-Yeah…feels so good! good night Caesar!good night Loki!good night John Boy! Visit Carrie’s friday’s foto finish fiesta for links to more interesting photos.

Pink Link 8

First stop: Los Angeles! I went there in June to visit my daughter. During our shopping travels we visited this small and friendly apothecary-style beauty shop on Sunset Blvd, called Le Pink, decorated with vintage perfume bottles and toys. Jars of penny candy are casually placed amongst high end beauty products, like soaps, lotions, candles, … Continue reading


This is my mom when she was young. I love this photo: she looks beautiful and happy.And she’s holding a puppy.