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Ode To Oreo

Good bye, little Oreo 1996 – 2009 (12-7-09) Visit Mosaic Monday to view more photo mosaics. Today I am grateful for having shared 13 years of my life with Oreo.

Fresh Cut Day

That’s what Joe calls Oreo’s haircut on grooming day: fresh cut day. Oreo always hates going to the groomer and he looks at me like I am abandoning him each time I leave him there. But when I pick him up he looks so happy to be hair-less: he runs around the house showing off … Continue reading

From Head To Tail

I always have a hard time photographing Oreo: he usually turns the other way every time I point the camera at him, or when I call him encouraging to look at me. This time, I just lowered the camera in front of him without even looking if I had the right “shot”, and it worked! … Continue reading

Toy Wash Day

This is what happens when I wash Oreo’s toy. Today I am grateful for wash machines.

Milk-box = Mailbox

Presenting… mailbox. After finding wet mail on rainy days because the mailbox was too small to contain mail and also have the lid shut, and after finding most of my packages on the ground, I decided to use an old milk box as mailbox. I painted turquoise and decorated it with drawings of Loki, Oreo, … Continue reading

I Made A Movie!

I played around with some clips and this is what turned out…. click here if video above does not open Today I am grateful for for the patience that allowed me to learn things like making a little movie.

I’m not moving.

I think I live with two of the most stubborn pets around: Oreo and Caesar.They barely acknowledge each other’s presence most of the time, but here they are sleeping in the same bed.Someone may think “how sweet!”. No sweetness here: each one is trying to claim territory on the bed and for that, they tolerate … Continue reading