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Share Your World – week 9

Share Your World – week 9

This week question from “Share Your World” is: . What are your 3 favorite photos? . So here are 3 photo that I really like. . The first one was taken in Bellagio, Italy [on lake Como]. I like it because it reminds me of home. I also enjoy the fact that I did not put a … Continue reading

See The Key Of The Car….

See The Key Of The Car….

I was sitting in front of my computer enjoying my day off from work, while my husband was asleep after working all night. All of a sudden the alarm of his car went off. Never happened before!!!! I ran to the window to see if someone was near the car and then I called Joe. … Continue reading

Ants On Peonies

Today I took some photos of flowers in my garden. Here are a couple of shots showing peony buds covered with ants. The ants unknowingly help to open the buds…. Click here to see how this peony looks like when in bloom. Here some more info from the site: Do not try to get … Continue reading

Things On My Desk

A while back I posted  photos of items on my desk. I recently added a few; here is one. It’s a lampshade completely covered with pink flowers. I like the light it diffuses. Here is a shot taken with the flash to show the actual color. The other “thing” is Trigger, who often wants to go … Continue reading

Good Night

My cat Caesar is the epitome of relaxation. What better title to represent Caesar’s images? Now it’s time to say good night Good night Sleep tight Now the sun turns out his light Good night Sleep tightDream sweet dreams for me Dream sweet dreams for you. Close your eyes and I’ll close mine Good night … Continue reading

Krazy Glue and Valentine’s Day

Today Trigger played with Loki and a container of Krazy glue. After applying some on each other, here and there, Trigger went to sleep on this heart blanket. Happy Valentine’s day.   linked to: Pet Pride

Swans At Dusk

Swans and ducks in Lecco [Como lake] Italy. . . . Weekend Reflections Camera Critters Friday Ark

Lilo’s Bath

My mom has some difficulties standing for long periods of time, so, when it’s time to give Lilo his bath, she brings a chair in front of the sink and goes to work… While taking these photos I felt guilty; I felt like those wildlife photographers that witness nature’s cruelty and don’t intervene to save … Continue reading