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The Tree Year 2

Characters: Caesar, the cat; Nadir, the red cedar tree. See Caesar the cat rushing under the umbrella of Nadir’s branches to take cover from the heat. It is nice to stand under Nadir: the branches are low almost to the ground, holding the fresh piney smell within the natural canopy while providing relief from the sun … Continue reading


And I actually continued to walk after taking the photo!!!!! [Griffith Park, Los Angeles] . . . linked to: Signs, Signs

Topsy Turvy

I decided I had to try one: it’s too groovy! So today I planted a tomato plant in my own Topsy Turvy and hung it in my garden. I also took some photos of the first spring flowers…. . . linked to: Outdoor Wednesday Today I am grateful for spring flowers.

Ants On Peonies

Today I took some photos of flowers in my garden. Here are a couple of shots showing peony buds covered with ants. The ants unknowingly help to open the buds…. Click here to see how this peony looks like when in bloom. Here some more info from the site: Do not try to get … Continue reading

The Pond.

The last time I visited this place, a couple of years ago, this wooden path used to be only one inch higher than the level of the water in the pond. I loved walking there, with water on both sides of the path, and all those trees with their “feet” in the water. Now as … Continue reading

Driving Through Virginia Countryside

Portsmouth Tunnel…   …to get to the countryside   Hampton Roads Executive Airport   Cotton Field   Is It A Tower?   Deserted Road     More Fields         Today I am grateful for great weather.

While Walking With Loki….

…I noticed a bunny in someone’s front yard [click to enlarge], and three cool mushrooms in another yard. Today I am grateful for walks with Loki

Digging Robins

[click photo to enlarge] As I was approaching my friend Valerie’s house, I could see leaves jumping up in the air right at the foot of a tree in her front yard. It was actually funny: it seemed as jumping beans were under the leaves piled against the tree.I parked my car and finally noticed … Continue reading


Cute little mushrooms captured just this week! See more nature notes at Rambling Woods Today I am grateful for the smells of nature.

November Nor’easter

“Heavy rain and very windy conditions…especially near the coast. While inland winds will barely reach 30 mph, winds along the coast could easily gust between 45-50 mph for several days. Wind and rain are combining with high tide cycles to cause coastal flooding along the Virginia coast. Beach Cam shows the storm in progress”. That … Continue reading