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Thomas Jefferson’s Special Note Taking Gadget

I have a passion for notebook and stationary in general. This passion takes me sometimes to visit blogs covering reviews of this type of items. I recently came across this article on famous men’s pocket notebooks. My favorite part was the description of Thomas Jefferson’s notebook made up of ivory leaves on which he took notes … Continue reading

Celebrate Mother’s Day: checked!

A very tranquil and relaxing day. Just like I like them! A couple of phone calls to mom and family; a few text messages…and the rest of the day at home doing what I like. Of course the highlight was Stephanie’s gift that I received in the mail few days ago, but I kept sealed … Continue reading

The Wind Cries Mary

I used to have a super crush on Jimi Hendrix when I was a teen ager. I even named my female dog Jimi after him. Here is one of his songs: After all the jacks are in their boxes And the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the … Continue reading

La Isla Bonita

“My” Isla Bonita is Sardinia. Sweet memories always come to mind when I think of times spent there. *sigh* good times!. Musical Monday Monday Music 4M’s   Today I am grateful for a relaxing day

Song from My Youth

Yes – Close To The Edge They don’t make music like this anymore. I’m glad I grew up with such good music. Meaning of the Lyrics from Wikipedia: In a May 27, 1996 interview with Elizabeth Gips on her show “Changes” (KKUP, Cupertino, CA), transcribed in the “Notes From the Edge” fanzine (issue #0159, August … Continue reading

Pac-Man Moleskine

I received it today in the mail: it has a yellow cover and a replica of the Pac-Man game screen de-bossed into it.Other notebooks in this limited edition feature pixilated imagery that includes Pac-man, ghost characters, and fruit imagery on yellow or black cover. Yellow Moleskine….wow! Today I am grateful for hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Yes! Another Moleskine! Peanuts, This Time.

    Of course I have to share the excitement! This is a Limited Edition to commemorate 60 years of Peanuts comic strips! Peanuts Limited Edition Notebooks are available in pocket plain, pocket ruled, large plain and large ruled styles. Beautiful, black and white color scheme starts on the 4 different covers and continues inside … Continue reading

An Album I’ll Always Love

The Dark Side Of the Moon by the Pink Floyd is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. I can listen to it over and over again, and every time I can find little musical details I never noticed before…. Plus, it always takes me back to a time in my life I like to remember and … Continue reading

One Year Calendar In One Page

I know: it takes very little to get me excited. Like now, for example; I found this website that allows you to create a free printable calendar including up to 52 weeks per page (letter size).And you even have room for a brief comment on each day.I found it here. I also found this annual … Continue reading

Yet Another (Mini) Moleskine.

I could not come back from Italy without one of my favorite notebooks.This is the very new, very little weekly planner for 2011. Measures 2.5″ X 4″ [6.5cm X 10.5cm.]: perfect size to carry with you everywhere. Hardcover offered in several colors: I chose turquoise.It even has the tiny pocket inside the back cover!Viva Moleskine! … Continue reading

I Love It…

…when Loki lays this way. Pet Pride Camera CrittersPhotos of all Fids Today I am grateful for the fact that my brother feels better.


Camera Critters Pet Pride Photos of all Fids   Today I am grateful for tender moments.

What’s My Favorite Summer Memory?

Definitely a summer vacation spent in Palau, Sardinia, in Italy. Definitely.That summer I met my husband. But this is not the only reason that made that summer memory my favorite one…I really felt free and happy that year. I think it was the happiest I’ve ever been. I even remember being conflicted about going or … Continue reading

What To Do When You Are Bored On A Plane

Take a picture of the empty seat while the occupant walks to the lavatory. Take another picture. Watch the movie “Cars” on your laptop while comfortably stretched out over two seats. That’s what I did while flying to L.A. to see my daughter. Yep, I was amazingly lucky to have a free seat next to … Continue reading

5 On Friday

Below are 5 songs by Jethro Tull, specifically songs that feature some classical music influence along with some folk Irish/celtic flavor. At times it reminds me of medieval music. #1 is my favorite: a jazzy rearrangement of J. S. Bach’s Bourrée in E minor. Ian Anderson plays the flute. Jethro Tull are a British rock group formed in … Continue reading

Stretching Time

I love it when Loki stretches this way: he makes me laugh. Camera Critters. Today I am grateful for some time in my garden today.

My Favorite Fountain Pen [today]

Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Click and the point retracts, just like a ball point pen. Amazing! I love it!! And it writes so well and smoothly… Today I am grateful for fountain pens.