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Here are my parents on their honeymoon in Milan, Italy. Of course this statement sounds very fancy read here in the USA. In reality they lived 50km away from Milan, but considering those times and the type of event, it was obviously something very special to them. When looking at the first photo, my mom … Continue reading

Pink Link 8

First stop: Los Angeles! I went there in June to visit my daughter. During our shopping travels we visited this small and friendly apothecary-style beauty shop on Sunset Blvd, called Le Pink, decorated with vintage perfume bottles and toys. Jars of penny candy are casually placed amongst high end beauty products, like soaps, lotions, candles, … Continue reading

The Indoor Noisy Book

I recently came across this vintage children book “The Indoor Noisy Book” published in 1942.How pretty! Its graphics are so cool, and just 3 colors!!! It tells the story of a little dog who has a cold, stays indoors all day and listens to the sounds of housecleaning, meals being eaten, and the wind and … Continue reading