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The Tree Year 2

Characters: Caesar, the cat; Nadir, the red cedar tree. See Caesar the cat rushing under the umbrella of Nadir’s branches to take cover from the heat. It is nice to stand under Nadir: the branches are low almost to the ground, holding the fresh piney smell within the natural canopy while providing relief from the sun … Continue reading

Pirelli Tower and Norfolk Scope

I currently live in Norfolk, Virginia. Today I discovered that the Norfolk Scope is the world’s largest reinforced concrete dome. More info on world’s domes here. Here is one of my photos of the Norfolk Scope [detail] While reading on the Scope I discovered also that its designer was the architect Pier Luigi Nervi an Italian … Continue reading

non gioco piu`

This is me around the time the song posted below was released. The photo was taken in Rome during a high school field trip. Notice the bell bottom pants. 🙂 1974. Mina is the singer and the artist playing the harmonica is Toots Thielemans. “Non Gioco Piu`” means “I Am Not Playing Anymore” Non gioco … Continue reading