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Share Your World 33

Share Your World 33

What type of pets do you have or want? I have two dogs: Trigger the chihuahua and Loki the coyote. There is also the cat Caesar, he rules the house. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? I love taking pictures, I hate being photographed, always did. I have very few photos of … Continue reading


As you walk in the pet friendly grooming salon Four On The Floor, you are always welcomed by a couple of cats that patiently wait for any customers to open the door for them, either to go in or come out. They have free range in the shop, and I love that they feel comfortable … Continue reading

Fresh Cut Day

That’s what Joe calls Oreo’s haircut on grooming day: fresh cut day. Oreo always hates going to the groomer and he looks at me like I am abandoning him each time I leave him there. But when I pick him up he looks so happy to be hair-less: he runs around the house showing off … Continue reading