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Le Pink & Co.

Le Pink & Co.

There is this adorable little store on Sunset Blvd.. in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA.  It’s called Le Pink and offers an eclectic assortment of soaps, lotions, beauty products, etc. And it features a pink bubble gum machine! The top of the display cases hold a wide collection of cool vintage items and toys. Visiting … Continue reading

Celebrate Mother’s Day: checked!

A very tranquil and relaxing day. Just like I like them! A couple of phone calls to mom and family; a few text messages…and the rest of the day at home doing what I like. Of course the highlight was Stephanie’s gift that I received in the mail few days ago, but I kept sealed … Continue reading

Topsy Turvy

I decided I had to try one: it’s too groovy! So today I planted a tomato plant in my own Topsy Turvy and hung it in my garden. I also took some photos of the first spring flowers…. . . linked to: Outdoor Wednesday Today I am grateful for spring flowers.

Things On My Desk

A while back I posted  photos of items on my desk. I recently added a few; here is one. It’s a lampshade completely covered with pink flowers. I like the light it diffuses. Here is a shot taken with the flash to show the actual color. The other “thing” is Trigger, who often wants to go … Continue reading


Today’s Bing photo was of a Roseate Spoonbill: look how beautiful!!! They have large, flat, spatulate bills and feed by wading through shallow water, sweeping the partly-opened bill from side to side. The moment any small aquatic creature touches the inside of the bill—an insect, crustacean, or tiny fish—it is snapped shut. More photos here … Continue reading

Pink Link 21

This  big pink truck passed me on my way to work and I HAD to take its picture.   Today I am grateful for being able to relax when I get home

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

We usually decorate our white Christmas tree, but this year I wanted to go pink. So, here it it, it’s tiny [3.5″], it’s pretty, it’s pink! Photo taken with flash: No flash: I love my little pink tree…. Today I am grateful for Stephanie coming home.

Hot And Not So Hot Pink

My first attempt at making a photo mosaic. I gathered photos of my garden in the spring and summer. View more mosaics at Mosaic Monday Today I am grateful for colors.

Good Bye, Pink Tree!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful pink tree in my garden. Crabapple in my front yard It was donated to me few years back by a [then] friend with the thought that, because she had a terminal disease, I would remember her every time I looked at the tree. Unfortunately this friend turned out to be everything … Continue reading

Pink Link 19

Pink finds on the road: a bike [it just need to be taken off the rack :-)], a pickup truck, a VW bug, and a billboard.   Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things. YOU JUST READ MY 100th POST on this blog! Today I am grateful for humor

Guardian Hippos

They are in my front yard, the whole little family; and they guard, while the paint peels away….. Today I am grateful for feeling the comfort of being home.

Pink Link 18

Thrift store PINK finds. All these items were photographed at the thrift store yesterday: 1) A Guess purse. 2) Another purse labeled “ZIP-IT”, it is made of zippers sewn together!!!! 3) A Trailer Park handbag.  4) A Susan Komen nylon backpack 5) FBI cap. 6) Vans cap on a cool head mannequin.  7) A crocheted … Continue reading

Pink Link 17

I really like pendant charms to wear on my bangle bracelet or my charm holder necklace [pictured above].  My favorite ones are made by Juicy Couture because of their originality, quality, and the clasp that makes it so easy to interchange them. I like to collect those charms that represent a symbol or object related … Continue reading

Pink Link 16

New year, new journal.Actually, I really do not need the beginning of a new year, to start a new journal: I own several sketch books and journals, and I use them for many different reasons at different times. What can I say? I just like paper products.When I saw the pink journal pictured below, I … Continue reading

Pink Link 15

This is Sophie, the beautiful daughter of my friend Valerie. She is wearing a pink coat, see? I took this photo right before she challenged me in a race “around the corner” to show me the holiday flamingos. She won, of course, and the flamingo were really worth the race 🙂So, here they are. Presenting … Continue reading

Pink Link 14

Holiday Pink: a pink xmas tree a pink ceramic illuminated tree and two pink ornaments   Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things. Today I am grateful for being able to spend a little time with my daughter.

Pink Link 13

It’s Pink Saturday in the kitchen. Fiesta! Pink Fiesta dishes and cups. Some fun pyrex bowls. A festive pink oven mitt. And a “homemade” kitschy jar of pork ‘n beans. Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things. Today I am grateful for the strength to deal with breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, and … Continue reading

Pink Link 12

My Pink Saturday contribution: here is a cool wooden pink flamingo hanging from the ceiling of my room. Pull the string and its wings will move up and down…yay…it’s flying! I like to watch it move! Now fly over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things. Today I am grateful for Saturdays, my last working … Continue reading