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Share Your World 28

Share Your World 28

Apple juice, orange juice or prune juice? Orange juice! I love anything citrusy. What is your favorite animal? Hard question, hard question…. because I like so many animals. I like dogs for their loyalty and affections, cats because of their character; I am fascinated by birds in general… I guess I’ll say “the seagull is … Continue reading

Things On My Desk

A while back I posted  photos of items on my desk. I recently added a few; here is one. It’s a lampshade completely covered with pink flowers. I like the light it diffuses. Here is a shot taken with the flash to show the actual color. The other “thing” is Trigger, who often wants to go … Continue reading

Good Night

My cat Caesar is the epitome of relaxation. What better title to represent Caesar’s images? Now it’s time to say good night Good night Sleep tight Now the sun turns out his light Good night Sleep tightDream sweet dreams for me Dream sweet dreams for you. Close your eyes and I’ll close mine Good night … Continue reading