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Six Words Saturday

Six Words Saturday

-It’s Too Hot For Comfort-  Scorching heat wave is setting temperature in the 100 degrees here in Virginia. Linked to “Six Word Saturday” = click here to go to Cate’s blog and read other entries. 

My Weirdest Pet Peeve

Weathermen!!! They act as they were God, “giving” us nice weather for the weekend with their puffed up attitude, or believing we can’t be without them if major weather events come up: a newsman could easily inform us of those with no problem. And they interrupt my favorite shows to tell me what I can … Continue reading

November Nor’easter

“Heavy rain and very windy conditions…especially near the coast. While inland winds will barely reach 30 mph, winds along the coast could easily gust between 45-50 mph for several days. Wind and rain are combining with high tide cycles to cause coastal flooding along the Virginia coast. Beach Cam shows the storm in progress”. That … Continue reading