Fave Five

Thinking back over the past week and remembering 5 favorite things.  

1. I spent some time working in my garden and Caesar helped me out a bit. 

2. Took several pictures with my “big” camera. 

3. I enjoy playing Farmville on the computer, and the latest addition is a baby horse. 

4. I enjoy talking to my daughter on the phone [she lives far away].

5. I found this beautiful bag posted on Jessica Hills’ blog [http://thehillsarelivin.blogspot.com/] and the instructions for making it here.

Friday’s Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at “Living To Tell The Story”

Today I am grateful for good music.

2 thoughts on “Fave Five

  1. Hi Marina! Welcome to FFF.Your daughter is lovely. When I get to speak to mine who lives in another province, it always makes my week better too.Ceasar looks like he's have fun giving you a hand. :v)

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