Share Your World 28

Apple juice, orange juice or prune juice? Orange juice! I love anything citrusy.

What is your favorite animal? Hard question, hard question…. because I like so many animals. I like dogs for their loyalty and affections, cats because of their character; I am fascinated by birds in general… I guess I’ll say “the seagull is my favorite animal”. Seagulls seem to really enjoy playing with the wind up there, I wish I could do that….. It makes me sad when I hear people calling seagulls “rats of the sky”: they are just hungry and, like all animals, they have to constantly search for food.

What are two things in nature do you find most beautiful? It always amazed me to notice little creature knowing what to do to survive. For example, I could not put together e bird nest the way a bird does. Or, at least, not before a whole lot of attempts. How does a bird know how to do it? Humans are not born with a similar knowledge. How do they know which berry or worms to pick??? I am amazed by all of this!

All things in nature are beautiful to me, but if I have to pick one I’d say: the ocean!

Are you awake before dawn?  Or are you awake before noon? neither! haha, no I was joking [but on Sundays it is true: i get up at noon]. I love to sleep in, and I have a hard time waking up. My mom could not stand this about me and always made a lot of noise around the house to wake me up. After I got married and moved away from my mom’s, sleeping in is one of my life’s joys! 🙂 .

I am NOT a morning person, and please do not talk to me before I have my coffee: danger, danger!

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